OSX Microsoft SQL Server Client

I work on a Mac and in a bandwidth rich environment, such as my work network, I usually connect to SQL Server via a MSSQL client running on a terminal server which I access over RDP. I like the GUI with the added intelliSense features from RedGate tools, plus the OSX RDP Client by Microsoft works great.

While traveling, I prefer to have access to a low bandwidth solution. I started investigating and playing with a few OSX MSSQL clients available.

I tried all the tools listed here including a DB Visualizer plugin for eclipse. In my analysis I factored in cost and feature set as well as Mean time to annoyance (MTTA).

Tool Cost MTTA
SQLPro for MSSQL >$0.00 Unknown
SQuirrel SQL (free, open source) Free Open Source Immediate (Not so intuitive)
DB Visualizer Freemium Tolerable up to a day
SQL Workbench/J (free, open source) Free Open Source Immediate (Not so intuitive)
Oracle SQL Developer (free) Free Not Open Source Still Using
TOAD For MAC Free Immediate (No MSSQL Support on OSX)

My recommendation is to use the free Oracle SQL Developer with this instructions for setting up the MSSQL JTDS driver. This tool gets the job done!


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